(IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a new, better and enhanced COMPLAN starting February 10, 2010. Please stay tuned for the latest developments. Have a properous KDI business!)



#1. Retail Profit

#2. Sign Up Bonus (SUB)

#3. Set Bonus (SB)

#4. Leadership Override Bonus (LOB)

#5. Placement Bonus (PB)

#6. 10% Global Pool

#7. Uni-Level Bonus

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There are two ways to join, either through offline or online.

    1. Offline (not using the internet)

  • Choose a starter package you want to avail (2Star - Php4,600; 3Star - Php15,000; 4Star - Php30,000; 5Star - Php60,000)
  • Contact your sponsor via mobile phone or Text/SMS at +63920-816-8492
  • Set/schedule for an appointment with your enroller. 
  • Complete the downloaded application form
  • Submit you application by FAX (+6349-536-3066) or scan the application form and send via email (kdi.spirulina.phils@gmail.com)
    2. Online (via the internet)
  • Choose a starter package you want to avail (2Star - Php4,600; 3Star - Php15,000; 4Star - Php30,000; 5Star - Php60,000)
  • Fill-up the "PRE REGISTRATION FORM" (please scroll down and complete the light green form)
  • You will receive a confirmation email immediately after submitting the online form. The special code embedded on the email will serve as your signature. A copy of which will be attached to your the  "DISTRIBUTOR'S APPLICATION FORM" and shall be considered your official registration to KDI. 
  • A phone call coming from your sponsor will be made to confirm and finalize your registration and order. It is essential therefore that you place your most accessible phone/mobile number for us to contact you. Final instructions will be given on subsequent communique. 
  • We will not be asking for any payment until your registration has been mutually finalized via phone or face-to-face meeting.
Payment Options:
  1. You can send payment after your pre-registration has been finalized. Payments are   securely made either through: Western Union, Paypal, AlertPay, or Metrobank
  2. Once payment is received, a confirmation call and.or email will be made to the sender/applicant.
  3. Wait for seven to ten working days for the package to be delivered door-to-door (please refer to shipping and handling charges for domestic door-to-door service fees. International shipping and handling procedures will be announced very soon). 
Shipping and Handling:

We are currently using LBC (Hari ng Padala) to handle our domestic door-to-door services. Unless specifically requested during the PRE-REGISTRATION, we will be using a BOX (12"x10"x5") to encase all the package we will be sending out to our clients.  The other option you can use is the common plastic receptacle (11"x6.5") which is cheaper by Php100 this option though will definitely compromise the integrity of the package contents. Below are the shipping and handling rates within the Philippines for a 1 kilogram maximum package gross weight.
                                                                                               BOX                PLASTIC
To any point of LUZON, Php                                         225.00                135.00
To any point of Visayas & Mindanao, PHP                235.00                145.00
Add Php100 for handling

For more details in shipping costs, please go the LBC's official Website. To track your package and determine its progress please go to LBC's PACKAGE TRACKING tool.

(Please complete all the fields)


First Name

Last Name






Postal Code



Birthday (yyyy-mm-dd)


Starter Package

Beneficiary"s Full Name

Beneficiary"s Phone

Relation to Applicant

1. Please use the price list below as reference to the product you want to order online.
2. Compute for the total price based on the quantity you want to order. If you are a non-member of KDI, please refer to the CUSTOMER'S PRICE (4th column). 
3. Add freight cost by estimating the shipping weight. Please visiting LBC's official Website to estimate shipping cost and refer to the SHIPPING AND HANDLING section (above) in this page.
4. After calculating product cost and freight cost, simply add Php100 for the handling and administrative fees to get FINAL GRAND TOTAL COST.
5. After you have determined the final total cost, please email your orders to  kdi.spirulina.phils@gmail.com with PRODUCT ORDER indicated in the SUBJECT LINE or simply SMS/call +639208168492. You will be notified on the details of the payment from there.

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